Friday, September 19, 2014

The Tale of The Big Monkey and The Manx

Public Domain: All Ball and KoKo
Going Ape over Manx: 

Hanabiko "Koko"  is a famous female gorilla who has amazed the world with her sign langage abilty to sign over a thousand English words and understand over two thousand spoken English words.(born July 4, 1971) She lived most of her like in Woodside California. Koko is also mad about Manx cats. Koko asked for a cat on Christmas in 1983. At first Koko was given a stuffed cats and it did not make her happy. So on her Birth day Ron Cohn gave Koko a kitten. She had the chance to pick a Kitten from a litter of Manx kittens. Koko picked a grey male Manx, and went on to name him ‘All Ball”
Doctor Penny Patterson had custody of KoKo and documented Koko care of the kitten. Koko treated the kitten as a baby gorilla. She tried to nurse him. All Ball was very attached to Koko as well. Unfortunately,All Ball got loose in December of that year and was killed when hit by a car. Koko was visibley shaken and intensely grieved that  loss of her beloved Manx All Ball.
Shortly after the New Year, Koko was given the change to pick a new Manx kitten This time she picked two that she named Smokey(male) and Lipstick (female). Koko now had two life long companion Manx to keep her company. 
Over the years she would care for many Manx kittens.
Sable only concerned about all the monkeying around with Manx, is that Koko learned to sign “tuna”, because Manx do not like bananas. I lied and told him Koko learned to sign Tuna and Salmon. Now Sable wants a  pet Gorilla.

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