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Don't Let Your Beagle Name The Baby Manx Frumpy Rumpy

Picture of a sleeping "Rumpy" Manx cat.
Picture of a sleeping "Rumpy" Manx cat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A longy (and rare all-white) Manx female.
A longy (and rare all-white) Manx female. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: This cat was named Minus as a nicknam...
English: This cat was named Minus as a nickname for Minus-Tail. She is a Manx and mother to: Beatrice, Dante, Beatrice 1 week, and alternative picture :This is obviously a "riser" Manx, not a "rumpy". She has a bit of cartilage at the end of the spine causing a tail bump (though not a full stump) to rise from the back. — SMcCandlish [talk] [cont] ‹(-¿-)› 04:06, 15 October 2011 (UTC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
SWAT Kats Season 2 title card, featuring T-Bon...
SWAT Kats Season 2 title card, featuring T-Bone, Razor, and the Turbokat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you have gotten a Manx kitten from the breeder and they have papers you are best to stick to the name on the paper. If you however, are not showing the cat then feel free to name your Manx. The most obvious Manx names would have to do with the Manx not having much of a tail.  Names like Bob, Stubby, Stubbing, and Rumpy, are obvious choices. Another way to go would be to give your Manx a Manx version of a good Celtic name.  Here are some suggestions.

BLAANID   f   Manx
Manx form of BLÁTHNAT
BREESHEY   f   Manx
Manx form of BRIDGET
EALISAID   f   Manx
Manx form of ELIZABETH
EAN   m   Manx
Manx form of JOHN
ILLIAM   m   Manx
Manx form of WILLIAM
JUAN   m   Spanish, Manx
Spanish and Manx form of Iohannes ( JOHN)
MARGAID   f   Manx
Manx form of MARGARET
MOIRREY   f   Manx
Manx form of MARY
PAAIE   f   Manx
Manx form of PEGGY
PHERICK   m   Manx
Manx form of PATRICK
VOIRREY   f   Manx
Vocative form of MOIRREY

You can also give your Manx a famous name. Manx themselves tend to be inclined to Diva behavior and most will enjoy a famous name . Below is a list of names that might appeal to your star struck Manx.  This list is not exhaustive and was taken from Wikipedia.

Bluebeard, from the German animated film Felidae (1994)

Gordon from the American animated TV series Catscratch (2005–2007)

Ma Manx, matriarch of a crime gang in the children's novel Rex Tabby: Cat Detective by Daniel Kirk (2004, ISBN 978-0-439-45286-1)

Mac Manc McManx, a recurring guest character in the American daily comic strip Get Fuzzy (1999–present)

Mayor Manx from the American animated TV series SWAT Kats (1993–1995)

Manx, the antagonist to Slimer, of Slimer! and the Real Ghostbusters (1988–1991)
Manx Cat, the antagonist for the bulk of Paul Gallico's children's novel Manxmouse: The Mouse 

Who Knew No Fear (1968, ISBN 978-0-698-10237-8) and the 1979 Japanese anime based on it
Manx McCatty from Christopher Reed's children's book The Big Scratch (1988, ISBN 978-0-345-35391-7)
Marco the Manx from Joann Roe's series of children's books, Fisherman Cat (1988, ISBN 978-0-931551-02-4), Castaway Cat (1989, ISBN 978-0-931551-03-1), Alaska Cat (1990, ISBN 978-0-931551-05-5) and Samurai Cat (1993, ISBN 978-0-931551-08-6)

Max from Adam Whitmore's "Max the Cat" 1986 series of children's books, Max Leaves Home (ISBN 978-0-382-09243-5), Max in America (ISBN 978-0-382-09244-2), Max in India (ISBN 978-0-382-09245-9) and Max in Australia (ISBN 978-0-382-09246-6)

Mika, title character of the children's book Mika the Manx Cat by D. M. Hart (2012, ISBN 978-0-61567-18-95)

Narrator, an orange Manx, in the children's book The Cats of Grand Central by Laura Archibald, illustrated by Garner Beckett (2003, ISBN 978-0-9730951-0-4)

Olaf, protagonist of Olaf Comes Home by Kathy Dollina Creamer (2001, ISBN 978-1-873120-15-6), a children's book modeled on "The Ugly Duckling"

Raffles, Bernie Rhodenbarr's Manx cat in Lawrence Block's "Burglar" series of mystery novels, first appearing in The Burglar Who Traded Ted Williams (1994, ISBN 978-0-525-93807-1)

Stimpson "Stimpy" J. Cat, one of the two main characters of the American animated TV series The Ren and Stimpy Show (1991–1996)

Tiara Boobowski was planned to be a Manx cat character in Sonic the Hedgehog game Sonic X-Treme but the game was cancelled.

Do not let your dog name your Manx or they will end up with a name like Grumpy Rumpy, Baldly Butt, or Stupid Stumpy.

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